"I got introduced to Deepali who is lovely, hard working and a successful lady, a few months ago.  Since then she has been a big help to my fine jewellery brand, which is based out of Iran, Arsha jewellery. She has helped me develop my website, recommended potential stockists and trade shows that I could exhibit at, introduced me to online publishers and PR agencies in the UK and helped developed my social media platform for me to run now. During this time, she has motivated me and pushed me in the right direction. It has been an incredible journey and I’m very thankful for what she does."

Arezoo Shayanfar, Founder, Arsha Jewellery

"Deepali has been my mentor for the last 6 months.  I can count on her for guidance and as a critique. She is a great listener and in that process I discover several things for myself. She has also put me in touch with several people who are relevant for my business to grow. I get charged up after every discussion with her. It has surely been an interesting journey with her and I wish her great luck."

Mathangi V, Co-Founder - Think Bag

"I found your work very helpful I feel that we achieved a much better understanding of how to make a business plan and it was good to have you "push" us to finish things."

 Entrepreneur, NewCo - Beverage Business

"Deepali assisted with client acquisition and stakeholder engagement during the launch phase of Your Credit Union. She is energetic and personable with an extremely positive attitude."

Jonathan Read, Chairman, Your Credit Union

"I have had the incredible good fortune to have met Deepali during one of the most testing periods of my life.  Having known her for just under six months now, she has made a significant contribution to my professional as well as personal growth by enabling me to transform my approach to issues that often led me dead-locked.  On a professional level, her unstinting support contributed to my victory as I was able to secure a financial services job in a "very" tough job market.  On a personal level, her immense resilience whilst juggling numerous aspects of life all at once has inspired me to develop immense faith and trust in my abilities at every moment by continuing to persevere and never ever give up on myself.  I have the highest regard for Deepali and hope to make the same difference in the lives of others just as she has done to mine.  Words cannot express my gratitude."

Client, Career Mentoring Vertical

"Deepali has helped Kasturjewels develop as a brand nicely over the past couple of months.  Through her extensive professional and social network, she has expanded our client portfolio considerably, helping carve out a target clientele and following.  We are positive she is only going to help the brand get bigger, better and more fabulous."

Rajvi Vora, Kastur Jewels

"Empower has added a lot of value and impetus to my company and has helped me reach out to several networks to grow the potential of my work and projects ... I am confident Deepali will enable me in my goals." 

Arunima Kumar, Arunima Kumar Dance Company

"Few months ago I started a business from home in handwoven women accessories and textiles. With great response and demand from the market, I soon had large quantities of stock, a complicated inventory sheet and a non existent business plan. I met Deepali a month back and she has helped me immensely in building a more streamlined F&A system which I work on my own! She has also been very effective in building a "practical" larger picture for the business - both short and long term. Given her extensive network, she was able to tap the right people to give me thoroughly researched advice on various business matters and introduce me to several POS.  I can see Deepali being a strong mentor to my business in the near future." 

 Shilpi Mahindroo, Xuta Limited

"My name is Katya and I started to meet with Deepali about a month ago on a weekly basis as a part of the Cherie Blair Foundation mentoring program.  In this short time, Deepali has helped me to understand and clarify my business and personal goals.  As I am currently employed as a project manager in a global company, she gladly shared with me her experiences in this field.  She has helped me understand internal politics at the workplace and make the right decisions.  In addition, Deepali has encouraged me to start developing the field that I really like - Fashion and Image Consulting as a business idea.  She has showed how this can be done in parallel to my current job and without spending much funds on developing it initially.  On a personal level, I believe that Deepali is very kind, helpful, charismatic and a really EMPOWERING person."

Katya Shmuel, Mentee, Cherie Blair Foundation for Women

"Deepali Nangia is a consummate professional whose dynamic, enthusiastic and empathetic approach has provided our project with a very valuable boost. Deepali's responsiveness is unsurpassed and her can-do attitude has ensured all her great ideas have become a reality."

Lizzie Cho, Operations Director, Nova

"Deepali has helped develop CRY UK’s social network and corporate engagement strategy, which CRY has been able to implement with ease, because her work was  informed by an understanding of current internal and external policy context, with very clear outcomes.  Her knowledge and expertise is impressive, along with her passion, dedication and commitment to want to help develop and enable sustainable impact and change for the charity.   Empower has made a difference to CRY UK's development and I look forward to our continued work with Deepali."  

Shruti Tanna, Head of Resource Generation, CRY UK

"In the short span of time that I have known Deepali, I am very proud to say that she has played an instrumental role in fostering my personal growth and development. I have benefited immensely from her well thought out strategy and pragmatic approach to addressing the issue on hand. Her overall exuberant and positive outlook to everything has made me realize that I can transform even the most challenging of
 circumstances. I will be forever grateful to this amazing and inspiring woman for 'showing me the way'. I wish her the very best in her quest to make a difference in the lives of countless others."

Client, Career Mentoring Vertical

"Recently I had requested Deepali to provide feedback on a prototype I developed for a new website. She patiently provided insights into the features that I could highlight and package to further the concept into a viable business. She analyzed the prototype with the right amount of enthusiasm an entrepreneur expects and at the same time was frank about its business potential or lack of it. Her feedback has been valuable in determining the direction I will take my venture in."

Entrepreneur, Newco - Technology Business