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Notting Hill Post writes about Empower

January 25, 2014.  "Power to the People".  To read article, please click on link.





Deepali Nangia has set up a company giving financial and marketing advice to small businesses and charities. Born in India, educated in the US and now focusing her efforts within Notting Hill, Nangia has had a high-powered career as an investment banker and private investor, working globally for top firms like General Electric and Marsh McLennan. After having her second child she reassessed what she wanted to do, something more flexible to fit in with bringing up her children. Her father who was an innovator in his field and a businessman in India did a lot of philanthropic work in his life, setting up the Nangia Foundation in Calcutta. Nangia decided she would like to emulate him and use her skills to help her community, so she has set up Empower to pass on her financial and marketing skills at a low rate for local businesses.  So far she is focusing on three groups: charities, social enterprises and female entrepreneurs. Among those she is working with at the moment is local enterprise Nova New Opportunities, which helps people back into work. As a ‘social’  consultant Nangia provides her services at £20-£40 pounds an hour, compared with her commercial rate of £60-80 an hour. And she is really happy with her new work: “I am mainly a people person so I love networking and love being out in the community.  I might work a lot more but I have the flexibility to work around my children, which is key for me.” Maybe this is the year you’ll start your own business or get your charity on an even footing … www.empowerbizsupport.com


Client Nova New Opportunities Raises 10,000 Pounds

October 24, 2013

Empower client NOVA New Opportunities raises ten thousand pounds at their 30 year celebration.  

Covered by the Kensington & Chelsea Chronicle.  


Mama And More Blogs About Deepali Nangia

October 22, 2013:  To read the article "How does she do it?", please click on the following link: