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Our Turn

August 9, 2012

I met Alpesh Patel, author of “Our Turn – The Ultimate Start-Up Guide for Female Entrepreneurs” at WE’s launch event.  He was introduced as having written a great book on female entrepreneurship and I was intrigued.  I walked up to him and sparked a conversation by saying that we share the same last name (my married name - figuring it “might” buy me an in!).  I blog about successful women but I wondered if I could put Alpesh in it.  I don’t often meet men who care about what it feels like to be in a woman’s world!  I asked him for a few words and despite his very busy schedule, he very kindly obliged.  Here’s the Q&A that followed:  

On his background …….

Born and raised in Leeds, Yorkshire, Alpesh trained as a barrister.  He runs his own asset management firm and trades in derivatives.  He is also a co-presenter on CNBC, BBC and Reuters.  Alpesh’s grandfather served in the British army and his father worked very hard to get Alpesh a good education.

and what prompted him to write a book on female entrepreneurship? 

Atypical of most Indian families, Alpesh was raised by his mother and grandmother who were very involved in his upbringing, but also very integral in the family business.  They were inspirational women and instrumental in his decision to write the book.  His fundamental belief that ultimately led him to write – he was a lawyer by training and needed to do justice to an area that needs much help.

On how he lives up to what he promotes in print?

The male-female ratio at his company is 50-50.  Additionally, only a few minutes after we spoke, Alpesh tweeted about me, promoted me in his blog (http://thedealdaddy.me/2012/07/24/mumpreneurs/) and also mentioned Empower in his column in the Asian Voice.

On the day he stepped into a woman’s shoes…………..

…….At his book launch, when there was him and a room full of estrogen.  While presenting to 200 women, he realized what it might feel like to be a woman on a daily basis at the workplace and in the business world!!! 

His view on how women are different than men?

They are on the whole much better decision makers given they are less reckless.  They therefore make better traders. 

What he thinks we should change about ourselves?


On whether he is going to write another book……

Yes this time on whether India can save the world.

…….On where you can find him next?

Alpesh Patel will be keynote speaker at the Women Empowered Entrepreneurship Event, September 26th, 7pm at Bright Courtyard, Baker Street.  See attached link for tickets - http://www.womenempowered.co.uk/entrepreneurship_event.html.



Alpesh Patel is founder of Praefinium Partners, an asset management company.  He is also co-author of “Our Turn” – The Ultimate Start-up Guide for Female Entrepreneurs (with co-authors Nikki Royston and Nishika Patel) published in conjunction with HBOS.  The book (I am half-way through it) is encyclopedic in nature and has many tips on topics relevant to start-up entrepreneurs ranging from business plan writing, media, networking and lots of advice from women who have been successful.  He is also co-founder of TIE (The Indus Entrepreneur). 

“Our Turn” is available on Amazon and a must-read.