Farwa Tahir - the person and the painter!

I first met Farwa Tahir, the person, not the painter through a close friend Krishan Singh.  My first impression of Farwa was – “beautiful”.  Over the years, I have gotten to know Farwa better and have known her to be warm, genuine and someone I care deeply about.  I have a birthday card, Farwa once gave me posted on my closet door – which is essentially my “hall of love” – notes from those that I love and words from them that I cherish.  Over the past year, I got to know Farwa Tahir the painter.  She painted my daughter from a photograph that she took herself.  I now not only have a piece of Farwa on my “hall of love” but also in my living room!  I now “respect” Farwa for what she creates.

Besides knowing her personally, I have also had the honor of working with her over the last few months.  Introducing to you – Farwa Tahir, the “quirky artist”, the “beautiful” woman and pure raw talent waiting to be discovered –  


"How do I stop myself from crying at work"???

May 2, 2012:  Shared a few laughs (note no tears despite the header) a few stories and many business ideas with Executive Coach, Liz Scully visiting from Bangalore - an introduction through another Mumpreneur Roshini Thadani in Bangalore.  Liz, a prolific entrepreneur herself is Founder of Rethink ( and does executive coaching and also runs Mastermind coaching sessions which help individuals set and measure their goals.  Goals are SMART and not fluffy!  Liz also told me that 18,000 people a day google - "How do I stop myself from crying at work"? Liz also taught me the trick of how not to do it - "sit up straight" or "stand up straight" against a wall.  It is not physiologically possible to cry in that position.  Liz is conducting a few Mastermind sessions in London tonight and on Tuesday.  Let me know if you would like to attend.  She has worked wonders for many.  Liz, here's to "doing business together (the Indian way ofcourse :))!!


Coffee and Art.........

May 1, 2012:  Spent a few hours this week with artist and designer Geraldine Mattis.  Geraldine Mattis, Founder and Managing Director of Geraldine Mattis Design founded her “small” ceramics and design company in 2009.  That’s what she says on her website.  Geraldine who has exhibited at the Guggenheim Berlin where she was a complete sell-out also supplies tableware to the Conran Shop!  Originally from the Caribbean, she uses a variety of colors to make contemporary designs.  She has won several innovation awards and also designed the A-Plate (designed such as to promote healthy eating among children), for which she has a registered trademark.  We brainstormed new products, new sales channels and have many stories left untold!  Geraldine Mattis might have started “small” but I can see the whole huge world of ceramics offering a very “large” opportunity for her!  Looking forward to many more session of coffee and art!  


Empower article in WorkingMums E-Mag

April 30, 2012:  It's a sunny day in London after two weeks of rain.  Received email from Working Mums at 9:58am.  They did a feature article on Empower in their online magazine.  Thanks Mandy for all the kind words!  Have a read.


Groupon-like site for Mums

April 27, 2012:  Met Pooja Juneja, CEO of Mums and Me, a groupon-like site for mothers.  It is a daily deal site which offers products and services, mothers would be interested in.  What a neat idea!  Rather than sifting through Groupon, go to Mums and Me - we all know as parents, how much we spend on diapers every singe year!  Originally, from Delhi, a good Loreto girl just like myself, Pooja offered me a "great deal" on lots of advice - it was all "free".  Both of us are in set-up phase of our companies and she was absolutely forthcoming in plugging me into all the right networks and people!  So who's in the business of giving advice??

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