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Friday, September 27, 2013 at 05:37AM
Deepali Nangia

September 16, 2013


I met up with Dina Maktabi, founder of Kensington Mums, at a local café in RBKC. I had met Dina at one of her mummy meet-ups last year and she has been top of mind for me for over a year now as the Kensington Mums newsletter hits my mailbox without fail every Monday morning! Originally from Lebanon, Dina couldn’t be more local and has always been very much part of the tri-borough community.
Kensington Mums was “borne” out of Dina’s first pregnancy – the truck that hits most us mothers after we have our first child when the need to meet new mums and find a support group for what you are going through both emotionally and physically can only be understood by another woman in the same boat!!  Dina, like many first-time mothers, spent her time breastfeeding between Boots, Zara and Marks & Spencer on High Street Kensington while spending the remainder pureeing carrots and peas, cleaning poopy diapers and singing twinkle-twinkle in many a language and tune!!  Thus was “borne” the idea of Kensington Mums, which only gained traction after Dina had her second baby.
Kensington Mums, which initially started as a support group for mothers began as a mailing list – a local group for mothers who wanted to be in the know and who wanted to bond with other mothers in the community!  Not too long after, what started as a mailing list became too unwieldy to handle and with the help of her husband developed into a website which has now won many awards, ranging from the Bronze Website Award to the Best Parent Blogger 2013.
From mummy and toddler meet-ups to healthy cooking workshops for mums, Dina is never short of great ideas which she makes possible through a lot of work and dedication. She will soon be strutting the catwalk with other yummy mummies for “Jeans for Genes” Day at Beaufort House, Chelsea. Point to note, Dina manages to run Kensington Mums while still working part-time in cancer research at the NHS and also being a mother of two!! She blushed as she told me she never expected Kensington Mums to be what it is to day! Her vision she says is to develop it further working alongside brands and their marketing strategies.
From pampering sessions to wine and fashion evenings for mums and trips to museums and music sessions for your babies, visit   “Keeping you in the loop with the local scoop” – wish there had been a Dina when I gave birth in New York City!



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